Basic Shipping:

UPS Store #5608 (Dan & Kris)
(P) 312-226-8700

UPS Store #3878 (Rich & Bob)
(P) 312-372-2727

Moving, Trucking & Crating Options:

Bernard Movers
Chicagoland (P) 773-883-0780

Aaron’s Reliable
Chicagoland (P) 312-491-9322

Craters & Freighters (David)
(P) 815-609-7201 (F) 815-609-7203

ICON Group (Chris)
(P) 773-533-1800 (F) 773-533-1900

Plycon Van Lines (Mike)
(P) 708-339-8805 (F) 708-339-8895

Artmill Group
(P) 312-455-1213

Mr. Shipper (Hirji)
(P) 847-285-1644 (F) 847-285-1610

Navis Pack & Ship
(P) 630-663-1310

By suggesting these shippers, SUSANIN’S assumes no responsibility whatsoever. Under no circumstances is SUSANIN’S liable for any loss or damage to your property once it has been released to your chosen shipper.